In a colorful and delirious universe with handdrawn animations the app TÊT is an introduction to vietnamese cuisine, composed by a serie of mini games which challenge your sense of agility. This project started as my diploma work at ECAL. It is still underconstruction, soon to be released! With the help of Etienne Frank.



Edition made of personal archive, my vietnamese family living in Europe since 1950, until my first travel in Asia, mixed with Vietnamese poems.


Gambette is an ipad game, where this little fellow is changing look all the time, receiving the elements from the sky. His world is turning around, which means that the elements are accumulating more and more. Where is he going ? Walking forever.


Illustrations of the people crossing my life: roommate, colleague, friend.

Eye Drop

Eye Drop is a set of bottles containing a digital liquid made of shiny particles, that you can shake and play with, the fluidity makes it feel real. Eye Drop uses a Huawei smartwatch and a lens from Google Cardboard to give an impression of an immersive screen. This project took part of the exhibition Milan Design Week 2016 and won the Android Experiment contest.

Google Experiment 2016

For the love of my master

A video clip following the art of training dogs, made in collaboration with Thomas Faucheux.

Raining Oreos

If you are hungry or heartbroken, take an oreo, and then you wont be able to stop. Raining oreos is a game about eating those delicious cookies. I created this project during Amaze Game Jam 2018.


Wouaf is a little dog waiting, thinking outloud. You can click on him and he will sing his happiness.


Swissnex invited us to make a data visualisation project for their new building in San Francisco. Each cow displays a tweet when someone touch them. The project was made at Ecal in 2016.